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       Seraphic Tour of the Solar System


  Of all the Orders of the Host, the Seraphim have been chosen to manifest the "Government of Light"  because they know how to associate the right "Wisdom" with the "right planets" in accordance with the Father's Master Plan

~Keys of Enoch,   Key 303 : 62

During this immensely transitional time on Earth, there have been planetary experiences not felt in 26,000 years! To assist us with this deluge of energies, the Seraphim Angels have given us the ability to open an energetic link to the Sun and planets. We are able, with attunements, to receive the energetic qualities or attributes of a specific planet, integrate it into our energy field and offset negative effects that cosmic energies might have on our bodies and emotions.

How can the Tour of the Seraphic Solar System specifically relate to your day to day life?

Read the list below and see how you could benefit from any of these planetary energy washes. The attributes for each individual planet are as described by the Seraphim Angel .
Also discussed in this class is how our body's organs associate with specific planetary energy and how this then integrates with our astro-chakras for optimal health and alignment.

                    Planetary Energy Descriptions



Sun Solar Energies

Perfect for those who experience light deprivation or depression during the winter or rainy season when you may not get much sunlight. Receiving this Solar energy wash makes one feel as though they spent a week on the beach basking in the sunshine. Bring sunglasses for your Third Eye!

Enhancement of Power and Strength experiencing and embracing the sun’s explosive nuclear energy as beautiful Oneness with the God Force


If you have trouble communicating in relationships; do not have confidence to voice opinions at work or wish to have communication with Etherical beings, the Mercurian Wash will be of interest to you.

Better communication with both physical and non-physical beings. Strengthening our clairaudient abilities . Giving us the ability to speak more easily to our peers. Boost confidence with public speaking




When most of us think of Venus we think of Love in relationships, a connection to the heart. A Venusian Wash is beneficial to those who wish to have a deeper appreciation, or for those who too often see situations in a negative aspect, the bitter or sour side of things. The Venus energy will provide the ability to see life in a more positive manner.


Purity that results from the burning away of impurity. Innocence (re-created after the impurity or negative energy is removed)   A sweetness of life, compassion.  A love and deeper appreciation for the fineness of life and luxury.


More masculine in expression, Mars has a great deal to do with our physical self for it rules the body. On the emotional level, it gives the drive to express our feelings forthrightly. A Martian wash of energy would be welcomed by those who need enhancement for the will to succeed in all aspects of life.

, "Can do” attitude, decisive, focused

dynamic energy to channel into projects, Passion and Courage to express feelings.


Jupiter is the energy that deals with the Super-conscious or Universal Self. Those who are searching for superb opportunities for expansion and success will find that Jupiter governs joy, luck and wellbeing. This relates not only to physical desires but also in spiritual growth.

Principles of Expansion Aspiration and Inspiration Understanding (acquiring insight) Prosperity and Abundance Faith and Optimism Religion and Philosophy Friendliness Judgment (good and optimistic discernment


If you feel like your life is mundane or boring, then the energy from Uranus could add a spark of the unusual or unique. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, rules freedom and originality.

Genius (cognitive aspect) Originality  Inventiveness (creative aspect) Playfulness   (emotional aspect) Sense of Humor (enhances inner child qualities)

jneptune Neptune
This planet rules the next dimension and is an elusive, mysterious and subtle emanation. Neptune works through feeling and the imagination. A Neptunian wash may provide mediumistic ability and strengthen psychic abilities.  It offsets personality traits that are too focused on “must do” with dreamlike, softer qualities to provide balance.
Musical ability, Spiritual ability (enhancements for cosmic consciousness and divine compassion) Understanding subtlety and nuances in everything, Romance, Seeing God in others


Those who struggle with integrating the ego will reap many benefits from the Plutonian energies, which can put one in touch with consciousness and our universality. Pluto will force us to confront anything that is buried deep inside and is linked to assisting us with karmic responsibility.


Results in better judgment, More direct, more to the point “cut to the chase” in relationships, self view.

Realization of evanescence of life (everything comes to an end), Deeper appreciation of where we are right now on all levels.


   If you are:

  ·        guided by your horoscope and understand the influence astrological signs have on our lives

  ·        aware of  the  impact of the energies from the alignment of the planets and know of the unprecedented

         planetary events to come in 2013

  ·        able to recognize the physical and emotional challenges of being out of energetic alignment and would like to do something about it


  Then you can see how it would be quite useful to enjoy a Planetary Wash of Energy from a specific planet to help our energy fields

   stay balanced, nourished and in total attunement with the Universal Energies.


  There are two ways to experience these planetary energies:


  1) A private phone session to receive the attributes of a transient Energy Wash from the planet of

  your  choice.   Cost: $20


  2) Enroll in classes to receive the initiation of the energy which gives you the permanent ability to

  activate  the planetary wash yourself as needed. After taking the classes you will also be able to give the transient

   energy washes to others. A powerful and unique service for those working with clients as a practitioner.


  $40 per each planet (taught via teleconference)

  $290 package discount price for all eight energies listed above.


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