A Personal Journey

 Cynthia Smith, M.Msc.

Teacher Mentor of Serphic Wisdom

Co-Founder of Seraphic Spheres

Guardian of Gaia

Spiritual Energy Counselor




When choosing a Teacher for any purpose, you engage in placing a level of Trust. When you open your energy field to receive any energy attunements, you should have a level of understanding of the beliefs and philosophies, the state of Being, of the Facilitator initiating the attunements. This is why I share the following pertinent details and experiences of my personal journey with you.                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                      Seraphim Light Energy teacher Cindy Smith

Why I Became a Facilitator of Seraphic Wisdom Energies


This website name of Seraphim Light Energies is the name I was given by the Angels in 2009 for what was to become the focus of the next phase of my life. I knew at the time of inception that Seraphim Light Energies would be the umbrella that would include many layers of  Seraphic Wisdom and Energies which I would facilitate for others. Shortly after the website name and red feather photo came into being I was introduced to The Seraph Santoria and The Seraphim Blueprint Energy System, this alone was life changing! Then a year later I was given the Seraphim Gaia Link Group Meditation to facilitate, this free group meditation has been offered monthly for many years and now has many trained Facilitators across the country. 


In 2012 I was introduced to Seraph ADALIAN, a Seraph who is the Guardian of North America, and received understanding about Seraphic Group Consciousness. I was given the initiations and certified to teach The Seraph's Love and Faith course and subsequently began to teach the course in December of 2012. In May of 2013 after a powerful clearing of my path to redirect my time and energy from exclusively teaching Seraphim Blueprint, I was made a Teacher of Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom and given the title of Teacher Mentor and designated as the CIO - Chief Inspirational Officer (which best sums up how I see myself). During an intense series of sessions and initiations, I was guided to begin the co-creation of the Seraphic Spheres organization where there are now many other Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom in all four North American time zones, Canada and Europe. Through these teachers there are now also many Practitioners of Seraphic Wisdom.  Immense fulfillment and joy comes from the many, many students I have taught over the years. I continue to be deeply honored by the trust given to me to teach Seraphic Wisdom and facilitate the energies.


As the journey continues, in May of 2014 due to a near death experience , a huge shift occurred again with the result being given insight for the birth of a new course. This course is very practical and comprehensive series of workshops which are geared toward supporting parents as individuals, families and ultimately the children. It is known as a course in The Seraphic Wisdom Family Series and is titled:

7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love; Building a Rainbow Bridge between Parent and Child. As a co-creator of this course of 7 workshop modules, my work has again utilized all of my past business skills and personal experience as a mother. My experiences gained from working with The Battered Women's Shelter as a Crisis Line Intervention volunteer and serving on the Board of Directors, as well as, The Child Guidance Center Women's Board has contributed greatly to understanding the need for support in family dynamics. Blending the real life experience and adding  a "sprinkling" of spirituality into this body of work has been an amazing expansion on a personal level as well. I am continuously delighted with experiences I live in connection with the Seraphic Consciousness and our Mother Earth, Gaia.  (see class description page for more details)


I have taken almost all of my classes and teacher certification classes over the telephone via teleconference, so I am confident of how the energy attunements work by remote activation. I have logged thousands of hours teaching others in the comfort of their homes or sacred spaces via teleconference.


I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and writing magazine articles upon request.


I invite you to become a part of this international community of Lightworkers, Cynthia




Here's my brief biography of how this all began for me:


Like many people on a Spiritual Path, years ago my Guides got my attention by stopping me in my tracks with life threatening health issues.  I was hearing the warning bells but was not making any changes. My business background includes Sales and Marketing, Management, Teaching and Free Lance writing; I was very successful in my career, but I was working more than I was enjoying life and things were severely out of balance, hence my body manifested dis-ease. Through a series of wonderful teachers, friends, personal experiences, some tough lessons and many synchronistic situations, I became enlightened, curious and passionate about helping others focus on balance in their lives. I now embrace life with enthusiastic JOY.  After gaining knowledge in Reiki, Feng Shui, Crystal Attunements and other energy modalities, I was given a message to explore my connection to the Seraphim (the highest order of Angels) which at the time I knew nothing about. A few weeks after that message, I was introduced to a book  which resonated so strongly with me that there was little choice but to understand that one of my Soul’s purposes was to go through the process of awakening and integrating the energies of the Seraphim Angel.  My continued mission as I connected to other Angels and Spirit Guides over the years has been to teach and facilitate high vibrational energies for others.    


Like you, I have third dimensional challenges in my life, with budgets, family worries, and encounters with energy that is shadowed.  However, utilizing the “tools” of the Seraphic Wisdom energies helps to smooth the rough edges and keeps me centered and grounded.  I am less likely to get caught up in the drama and trauma that others unknowingly project or from challenging situations that arise.  This is why I became a Teacher, to teach others how to access Seraphic Wisdom,  recognize their own innate Inner Intelligence and use the ancient Seraphim Energies to awaken and bring balance and Joy to their Lives.  Nothing delights me more than when I manifest my desires to enhance my spiritual growth and to awaken or enhance it in others.  This joy carries through when I work as a conduit to share my abilities in assisting others to “connect to the Light ” for their Spiritual guidance and personal healing.


I invite you to join me in this wonderful way to live and to progress along the path that will fulfill our Soul’s purpose while on this earth plane.  The more we focus on integrating the energies from the Seraphim Angels (Seraphic Consciousness) the better prepared we will be for the vast energetic changes imminently ahead. To learn more about the all encompassing tools you receive when participating in the classes that I teach, please go to the class schedule page of this website, then click on the class registration page to begin this life altering path today.



The Seraphim Gaia Link


Some years ago I trained as a Master Gardener, that training awakened a deep attunement to Mother Earth. This led to becoming a Guardian of Gaia that has enhanced how I honor a sense of Stewardship for Gaia and the sentient beings connected to our planet. Currently I reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where I live with my husband and an abundance of nature that I appreciate each and every day. I chose to leave most of our land un-landscaped and natural. It is dedicated to the creatures of the Animal Kingdom and the Devic Kingdom. The benefits and rewards from this choice provide me with delights and smiles throughout each day.  As a Guardian of Gaia (certified Teacher), and Teacher Trainer and Channeler of the Seraphim Gaia Link Meditations for Planetary Development and The Matrix of Light,  I am blessed to partner with the planet in its many transitions. Assisting others to focus on areas that need healing and to stay very connected to the Earth is a personal joy.  This is another part of my pre-designed “blueprint” to be accomplished on this plane and I love doing it!


Certifications, Areas of Interest, Experience:


Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom; CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) of Seraphic Spheres     (see www.SeraphicSpheres.com )

Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science

Ordained Minister

Advanced Training in Meditation, Crystal Attunements and Plant Spirit Communication

Reiki Level II Practitioner

Certifications as Teacher of all Seraphim Blueprint Levels I - VI, Seraphim Healing Advanced, Seraphim Fusion, Seraphic Tour of the Solar System, Guardians of Gaia,

Worldwide Teacher Trainer of Seraphim Healing Advanced.   




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