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            Who is Seraph ADALIAN and the Seraphim Angels? What is Seraphic Spheres?


        The Seraphim are known as the highest order of Angels, closest to Source, God, Divine Creator, the Universe, Mother/Father God, or any other     name you may wish to use describe the higher source of intelligence and the highest source of Love and creation.


My belief is that the Seraphim Angels are a collective consciousness that assist in governing the universe and galaxies that is in the divine order of  the universal alignment and flow.  Some have written about and channeled the Seraphim in the past, but more frequently in the last decade than ever before. Usually the information comes from a Seraph, an aspect of the collective Seraphic consciousness. One is called a Seraph, an individual aspect of the group. Sometimes a name is given to the Seraph to appease the human intellect and sometimes we assign "personality traits" to how the energy of this Seraph feels to us when we call upon him/her. There is no gender; again, this is a personality trait we assign to how the energy feels. When I was introduced to the Seraph Santoria several years ago, the energy felt strong, determined almost demanding, a no nonsense type of feeling. While the Seraph ADALIAN who states that he is the Guardian of North America, has a different "energy flavor" if you will. Many describe this Seraph's energy as soft, loving, compassionate with more of an invitation to do something and less of a sense of urgency. I have been introduced to other Seraphim as well and the overall experience is always one of a desire to share wisdom and guidance for our evolution as Spiritual Beings who are living a human existence on this earth.  


In early October of 2012, Manuela Puhlmann, who channeled the Seraph ADALIAN was told by the Seraph to come to North America. She was specifically told to anchor the Seraph ADALIAN energies in New York City. This was no small request. She lives in Germany, spoke little English at the time and had no idea who to connect with in the city or exactly where she was to facilitate these energies. Being a person who lives her life by the guidance of the angels, she did as requested with success. Consequently, later that month, I was then asked to become a Teacher of the energies contained in the course, The Seraph's Love and Faith. I was directed to begin teaching the course and facilitating the energies for the first time on December 21, 2012 and had a group of 30 students!  In May of 2013 I was asked to become the Teacher for Teachers and was given the title of Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom.  This course and future energy courses from the Seraph ADALIAN will come under the name of Seraphic Spheres which is also the name of the community of Practitioners and Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom.  We work within the Seraphic Spheres; the portal to Seraphic Wisdom to bring awareness and the energies to others in a co-creative spirit of unity, support and harmony. And we have fun doing it!


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 The Seraph's Waves of Love and Faith for the United States and all of North America


Many times just looking at the symbol representing the Seraph ADALIAN's energetic vibration triggers a sense of calm, peace and well being. You may even feel guidance or a desire to receive the energies waves that assist with healing yourself, others, this magnificent country and spreading out to the entire continent. If you feel this connection to the Seraph who is the Guardian of North America, you may also feel a quickening of the high heart in recognition of your soul's purpose to become a Practitioner or Teacher for these energies. If so, please read more about the courses on the Class Description page. 




                                                                  The Seraphic Angels and your Connection to Others


When you make the choice to participate in the classes of Seraphic Wisdom, you have joined a select group of people who are connected to each other from all over the world. We stay up to date and connected by a free newsletter that gives updates on classes and shares experiences by others practicing the energies (click on the home link to register). There are periodic teleconferences for meditations and focused healing of the planet using the combined energies of those present.  As the Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom,  I am dedicated to offering support and periodic gatherings by teleconference to enhance your practice and facilitate any “upgrades” to the energies.  


You may also wish to go to the Community website for more information about becoming a Practitioner or Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom.



Sundays With The Seraphim


When scheduled, please join me for a series of Sunday mornings via teleconference call. Each Sunday a different topic and energy will be discussed, activated and you will receive an overlay of a specific energy initiation for your further personal expansion on your spiritual journey. See the class description page for more details or the class schedule page for dates and topics.  This is a wonderful way to stay connected to the Seraphim, as well as, a beautiful community of Angelic Lightworkers.






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