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Most Lightworkers are experiencing a very deep attunement to our planet, Our Mother Earth, Gaia.  We  not only see and feel manifestations of the powerful energetic shifts she is experiencing on a Global scale, but we can also feel her love and this makes us express a desire to assist in helping in her transformations to new dimensions.  Through the Seraphim Angels we can work individually or as a group to expand and integrate energies to make the changes necessary for us to transition along with her. On this webpage there are several ways that are available to you on an individual level, or as a part of an amplified group, that will be beneficial to you and the Earth.  I hope they will resonate in your heart and touch you deeply on an etheric level and in an inspirational way that awakens your further commitment to Gaia and the expedited unfolding of your personal journey.

For the Love of Lady Gaia: A Ceremony

Led by Brooke Medicine Eagle, Black Mountain, NC



In October of 2011, I had the privilege of participating in a ceremony to honor Gaia. This ceremony was facilitated by Brooke Medicine Eagle, described as a legendary Earth wisdom teacher, singer, visionary, catalyst for wholeness, and ceremonial leader of Sioux, Nez Perce, and European descent. She is the best selling author of Buffalo Woman comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance, as well as, creator of several CD's. As a Guardian of Gaia I took great pleasure in being chosen to assemble the native fall foliage floral arrangement that was placed on the altar for the ceremony attended by about 250 women. As with our work in the Seraphim Gaia Link meditations, immense love and gratitude was sent to and returned from our Mother Earth. Brooke's training in Native American tribal music and dancing was incorporated into this heartfelt and wonderful event. While at the  SE Wise Woman conference, I attended an intensive with Brooke, as well as, several classes on indigenous plants. I returned from the majestic energy of the Black Mountains full of inspiration and insights from Spirit which I joyfully share with those who join our gatherings for the Gaia Link meditations.


Plant Communication ~ Reclaiming our Birth-Rite


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A Workshop facilitated by Author, Pam Montgomery ~ August 1-3 2014

My personal deep commitment and work with the plants as a Master Gardener and Guardian of Gaia leads me always to be interested in learning more of how to connect to the Earth and plant spirits with more heart, more love, more sensitivity.  In 2012 I came upon the book, Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness by Pam Montgomery. I learned a lot and had much instinctive knowledge validated by this wonderful resource. So I wanted to bring this information into awareness to as many people as possible. Therefore, I have coordinated with Pam to arrange a three day workshop titled Plant Communication; Reclaiming our Birth-Rite. The workshop will be held in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina during the Summer of 2014.  The site for this work with the plant spirits lead by Pam is on 150 acres of private land with gorgeous views. The workshop will be all inclusive with lodging, meals, tuition and walking trails for private meditative time; networking and companionship of like minded people. this venue will be exclusive to this group during the workshop, an optimal way to make a deep and long connection to the Plant Spirits and Gaia without outside interruptions.

 The space for this three day workshop is very limited. Pam was a featured presenter at the 2013 SE Wise Women Conference in North Carolina with 1100 attendees at the overall event. It is reasonable to expect this workshop will sell out  quickly.

 To learn more about Pam's dedicated work or to order her books go to:

More ways to connect to our Mother Earth, Gaia...

The Seraphim Gaia Link Group Meditation - This group meets via teleconference to accommodate everyone around the United States who wishes to participate. There are now many Facilitators who volunteer their time to offer this meditation at no charge. To request the monthly schedule or to be invited to the Facebook private group page.                           email:

..."there is no time to waste, no time to delay. All healing for me must come from this understanding. There is nothing more to wait for, there is no shift that your are waiting to happen to you, you all must come together with the grid and create your "shift".  You access the fifth dimension from the heart center, from the heart chakra. There is nothing more to do but live from the heart center. There is no reason why you cannot do this now!"   -Gaia                                                              (See below for full Gaia Speaks message)

All Lightworkers are welcome. You do not have to be a Seraphim Practitioner or experienced lightworker, only have a guidance and desire to assist Gaia and  humanity is needed. Go to Class Schedule Page Link below for upcoming dates.

There is never a fee only registration is required two days before the event on this websites class registration page. Teleconference phone number will be sent to all who have registered  You must be registered for each meditation gathering. You may register for multiple dates on one registration. If you need to cancel, please email me the day before the meditation, your cooperation on this is greatly appreciated.

I invite you to be present, to bring your beautiful heart energy into our circle of light where we will meld the Seraphim and Gaia Energies with our own; to create a heart space that will shine this brilliant light that we co-create into the universe, where it will then resound with all Light Beings in the cosmos and return to Gaia and to each of us forming this beautiful circle of joy.  -Cynthia Smith, Teacher/Facilitator of Seraphim Gaia Link Meditations

Join this group of Seraphic Wisdom Practitioners and Lightworkers practicing other modalities, as we gather via teleconference to assist Gaia in anchoring in the very strong Seraphim Universal energies that she is receiving daily. Periodically, there are significant days when the energies are stronger and many feel helpless to actually be able to do something. This meditation group has the intention of individually incorporating into daily practices the anchoring of the energy.  This dynamic group will then meet to share experiences and offer support not only to Gaia in these unprecedented times, but to help each other piece together information that can make this transition and ascension smoother for all connected with our planet Earth. Since these energies are dynamic, we periodically get new information to incorporate into our intentions while meditating so each time we meet the experience is different. It is the intention to have the gatherings last about 60 minutes.

In our gatherings of Lightworkers, there have been very profound experiences. I have placed below some of the comments sent to me in hopes that these words from others will resonate with you and extend further our invitation to join us in this very important and special work. In the future, I will also post comments that may be insightful or helpful in physically preparing for the earth changes we may yet experience. You can also read more in the Attunement class information.                                                    We look forward to welcoming you to our gatherings.

...I saw in the meditation the Atlantic Ocean which had a huge amount of seismic activity beneath it. I was "instructed" to focus my intention to this area in the coming week for healing. Although I do not know have any knowledge about the floor of the Ocean, as a Guardian of Gaia, I will most certainly do as the Angels have asked.                                                                                                                                                    M.A. New York City

....During the initiation for the attunement to the Seraphim Gaia Link, I felt as if my heart center became a tabernacle of light that allowed for the marriage of the Seraphim and Gaia energies and then the brightest resonance of these energies to reverberate into the Universe. I have done a lot of energy training but have never experienced this type of love and light before!                                                                                     T.C. - Ohio

..... what a wonderful way to spend some quality time!!!! Feeling like I can make a contribution to some greater good, and hearing your voice as you lead us, is so fulfilling to me. I envisioned some building blocks positioning themselves horizontally as the meditation progressed. Perhaps the foundation for this "new earth" as it manifests in the 5th dimension !!!! And, the range of beautiful gifted personalities on the call, wow!!!

 R.V. - Michigan

... I really loved today's meditation. I have to give you some feedback before I forget. I felt that the meditation was not over for me after the call and I went right back into it where I left off and it was very intense. I started to feel the energy moving very strongly through my body, arms and legs, similar to what you described. Then I felt my self floating above my body while still being attached and could feel this sort of rocking back and forth was wild!! Then I felt like I was taken to the inside of a very large crystal formation, not sure if it was the center of Gaia or not but anyway, I could see all of the incredible light and shapes internally and it was really something.

  As I am writing this I can still fell the 'after effect' of it I feel very light headed.

  Anyway, one of the things that came up for me was a dream I had about 2 years ago about how important it was to have oil lamps in my home. Since I am in an apartment in NYC I did not want a large Victorian looking oil lamp and I found these small votive types that I have in several locations of my apartment and you cannot even tell that they are here. They do, however, give off light for up to 4 hours. When you mentioned supplies during the call somehow this came running up to the front of my brain now because I forgot about it. I remember after my dream that it was such a powerful message that I tried to share it with my friends who all think I am a bit crazy

  I was wondering if when we do these calls and other light workers get any messages that they want to share about supplies that we can have a specific call relating to this, it could be very important. I think we may all get different tips along the way...what do you think?

-M.A. New York

...Firstly let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for including my request in today's meditation, thank you thank you. Gaia was singing it was so moving.
Secondly, I will wait for (name omitted) to contact me but the crystal formation she saw makes complete sense to me as I started working with the grid when the Crystal Counsel for Earth attuned me to the Crystal grid (the grid is made of Crystal Consciousness) this is the work that I have been receiving since 2007...
Thank you again so much, I felt the healing I experienced was this great weight and burden being lifted off my shoulders as this work has felt more than I could do by myself and it feels like only now I don't have to do it by myself. With all the gratitude and thanks from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
- H.B. Canada

... the over lays were awesome today and hearing what everyone had to say about the new energies anchored to Gaia.  Unfortunately I had to leave before the actual meditation.  Given what was discussed, I really feel an urgency to now hurry and complete up to level 4 of the Seraphim Blueprint ... You have been awesome.  I wish you would have been one of my teachers in school.  You really have a gift and really love what you do.  It really shows.  Looking forward with joining the meditation group on Saturdays.  Again thanks. 
-S.N. Ohio

Initiation for the Seraphim Gaia Link Attunement Class

This class is taught  a few times a year via Teleconference.  See class schedule page for details or contact any Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom on the Seraphic Spheres website.
For more details of class go to class description page. It is not necessary to have this attunement to participate in the free meditation described above. The attunement is beneficial to those who attend the meditation to enable them to hold a higher vibration during the meditation.

To become a Facilitator for the Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation, see details on the Class Description Page.

The Seraphim Gaia Link Initiation is a meditative attunement linking you to All the Seraphim and deeply linking you to the core of the Earth; the heart and soul of Gaia.

The attunement you receive and the meditation you will learn work in a very specific way as you facilitate the anchoring of stabilizing energies from the Seraphim into the core of Gaia.  This process helps create a new grid system from the collective heart center of all Lightworkers facilitating this Seraphim Gaia Link for planetary healing. There is no pre-requisite for this class, only your desire and commitment to assist our Mother Earth. You may take the class even if you are not guided to facilitate a group meditation for others. Some students enjoy the attunement for the crystals.

In this class students will also be given an initiation to attune a crystal of their choice with the Seraphim Gaia Link energies which can then be utilized during the meditation gatherings for an enhanced experience. Suggestions for crystals to use will be sent to registrants with course notes and facilitator outline prior to the class.

Once you have received the Seraphim Gaia Link attunement you will also be able to facilitate this attunement for anyone guided to assist with planetary healing in this manner as well as be a leader in facilitating the group meditation.

Your commitment as a Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation Facilitator: At the direction of the Seraphim Angels, this meditation is always to be offered at no charge for the group meditation. You may hold the meditations as often as you choose. It is not required but facilitators are encouraged to do so at least once a month if possible. You may charge the $60 per person to give the attunements when you hold a class for the initiations.
*Teacher candidates are required to have completed one of the facilitator courses and hold the group meditation prior to becoming certifed as a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom to teach any Seraphic Wisdom courses.

Separate Certifications are available to Facilitate both The Seraphim Gaia Link for Planetary Development and The Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light.

Guardians of Gaia  

 As a Guardian of Gaia, I am honored to have been granted the privilege of confirming my commitment and responsibility to use the Seraphic energies I have received to aid the healing of our planet through the clearing and healing of humans, the land, and the animal and plant kingdoms. By clearing, restoring and creating new Power Places on the earth this helps to heal Gaia (Mother Earth) of the wounds that have been inflicted upon her intentionally or unintentionally.

Some of the services available to you through a Guardian of Gaia:

 ·        Residents of the property can receive a recalibration of cellular imprint of Gaia’s energetic signature either prior to moving to prepare you for the new energy field or after you have located to the new property to reconcile with the energy (this can also apply to pets).

·        The creation of an energy field that invites earthbound spirits to move on to the next realm. 

 ·        The installation of a protective energy grid around the home and property.

·        Restoration of the original balance and strength of a natural power place of light or activation of a power  place on your property if appropriate and indicated by Gaia’s energetic response.

  As a Guardian of Gaia, I am able to offer the above services by facilitating as a conduit to send the specific Seraphic energies required. Fees vary upon the amount of time required and which of the energies are activated. Some of the activations can be done remotely with just my intention, or over the phone connected to the recipient. Others require my physical presence on the site that is to be balanced, cleared or to have a protective grid installed.  Please call me to discuss your personal situation and needs.  A “Seraphic Home Attunement” package has been created with the described services included. You can request individual services or all of them as a package.

I look forward to being of service to you for individual needs.

I have attained the certification of Teacher for the Guardians of Gaia course, but currently am not offering these classes. Please contact Alex Brandin, who channeled this course, to learn more about becoming a Guardian of Gaia. Alex can be reached at




In 2016 we were blessed with another, more personal Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation called THE MATRIX OF LIGHT. This incredible meditation brings one into a realm of calm and awareness never experienced before. You will come into a stillpoint of diamond light, cellular stability and a place for magnificent manifestation all while linking deeply with the higher consciousness  of your soul, and core of your heart Light.  The Seraphim Gaia Link monthly meditations will alternate between Plantetary Development, a more global intention, and the Matix of Light for personal development and expansion. Both guided meditations are gifts from The Seraphim Angels as updated and channeled by Cynthia Smith.

Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation archives of development and message from Gaia

Update for 2012:    

The Seraphim Gaia Link has again transitioned for the year 2012. I have been guided to continue the meditations with the focus now to be placed on Planetary Development. The long heralded year of 2012 has arrived! We have all agreed to be here on Earth for this experience and each of us have a pre-determined job or blueprint to fulfill. We will have many, many monumental events occurring in the cosmos in the upcoming year, which, of course, has a huge impact on Gaia and all of those living on this planet. As Gaia has told us, "...there is no more time to waste".  By coming together as a community of Lightworkers, we support each other by an exchange of information, experiences and sometimes through a release of laughter and tears. We also energetically create a collective consciousness when we act as conduits for the Seraphim energy sent to Gaia for her assistance in development in these unprecedented times.  I have received insight that this group meditation is no longer to be concerned about Gaia's healing, but instead to now focus on the energies for spiritual and energetic development for the planet. We are being greatly assisted by the Angels and many other galactic Light Beings to help anchor these supremely beneficial energies given to us and Gaia by the Seraphim.  Our dedication to this work has been, and will continue to be, greatly appreciated by our Mother Earth, as well as, those assisting us in the higher realms.  I consider it an honor and a blessing to facilitate this group gathering, Cynthia


On 11-11-11 A Special Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation

This date of 11-11-11 resonates with many of us for many reasons. The triple portal date as it is sometimes called, is significant. The time of 11:11 is also when a gateway is opened to other dimensions. So on this date and time of 11-11-11 at precisely 11:11 am, I have been directed to begin our Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation with the intention to receive the Seraphim-Gaia energies, to bring our light axis into alignment and our heart space into a sacred tabernacle of light. It will be from this sacred space that we carry with us the unconditional love that will resonate out to all that we encounter. Our goal is to touch others so that their higher selves will recognize this vibration and respond by in turn raising their vibrational frequency to also then shine outward to those whom they encounter during their day. This is a small thing that we can each do to assist the transition and link to the crystalline grid of Love. A message was channeled from Gaia where she states, ..."there is no time to waste, no time to delay. All healing for me must come from this understanding. There is nothing more to wait for, there is no shift that you are waiting to happen to you, you all must come together with the grid and create your "shift".  You access the fifth dimension from the heart center, from the heart chakra. There is nothing more to do but live from the heart center. There is no reason why you cannot do this now!" (See below: Gaia Speaks for full message)

 Many, many, possibly millions, around the world have been called to participate in conferences, retreats and pilgrimages to come together in groups on this date. We are being told over and over that it is necessary on these auspicious days remaining in the next months to link our energies together and acknowledge the Seraphim, Light Beings, Masters and Guides who are supporting us as Gaia moves into the higher dimensions through transition into a space where only the vibration of love will exist and be readily available to those who embody the light that matches the vibrational frequency of Gaia. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to be apart of this meditation gathering where you can phone in from the comfort of your home and know that you have made a difference as our Earth, our world, develops and changes into a place that our hearts and souls yearn to be.

The Seraphim Gaia Link meditation gatherings began in 2011. The information was channeled that Gaia needed assistance in the creation of her new crystalline grid that is apart of the Earth's transition. With the assistance of The Seraphim Angels, and those who participated worldwide, we were told in October that this grid is now complete. Yet the Seraphim are still sending universal energies at this time for humanity and Gaia to facilitate the necessary movement of living fully from the energy of the sacred heart space. The ongoing meditations are amplified when we meet in a group to receive these angelic energies, as well as, link into the core of Gaia's energies to have them meld together in our heart space and radiate into the universe for all Light Beings to see the joy and love that we express in this crucial time of transition.  I invite you to read the message from Gaia to us below as it was channeled in it's entirety.


Gaia Speaks as channeled by Heather Brigley

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have stepped forward and have been sending healing to the core of your planet, my heart and soul, and have given of yourselves to build the new grid, built with your unconditional love and gratitude.

 I wish to share with you the new focus this healing work now needs to take.  The new foundation is complete, thank you, it is your hard work that has made it so.  But now a new perspective needs to be understood, The activation of the platonic solids within your field and my field is what is required to link all of humanity together with me.  It is the process that makes us all truly ONE.

 This is the new perspective to add as our intention as you continue with your work of planetary healing.  The healing is now not exclusively in regard to me and the "earth changes" ; seismic activity and such or even pollution.  We can all change this in a relatively short period of time, the healing is required for humanity now and humanities' connection and understanding of me.

 You all must come together now through the heart center.  There is no time to waste, no time to delay.  All healing for me must come from this understanding.  All of your actions and decisions need to come from the fifth dimension.  There is nothing more to wait for, there is no shift that you are waiting to happen to you, you all must come together with the grid and create your "shift".

 You access the fifth dimension from the heart center, from the heart chakra.  There is nothing more to learn, there is nothing more to do but live from the heart center.  There is no reason why you cannot do this now.

 The entire universe is waiting and watching.  Waiting for you all to be brave enough to step into your true selves that are waiting for you within your heart.  The only spiritual practice that should concern you now is: is my heart open?  Can I enter my heart space and live in 100% unconditional love for self and others?

 You all have been practicing this for years now. You live in and out of this place of bliss and union with the divine within you.  Now is the time to live there 100% of the time, you have learned what is needed, now you must act.

 I understand that this may seem a tall task with all of your karma coming to the surface.  If each morning you rise with the sun and make a commitment to your divine self and place your full consciousness in your heart, you will feel peace, you will feel love and your karma will fall away.  It is only through un-forgiveness that you hold onto your karma and do not allow it to be resolved."

So as you read these words from Gaia, I again, invite you to "come together" and use what you innately know and have purposefully learned, to receive support, and acknowledge those in the universe who are bearing witness to this gathering of Lightworkers from this blessed and sacred heart space.  These monthly group meditation gatherings also provide a forum for us to continue our learning from each other as we share experiences and information, as well as, receive the seraphim energies that I send to you during the meditations. This is also a wonderful way to "sample" the Seraphic energies received in classes that I teach.  I have made a spiritual commitment to offer to facilitate these meditations at no charge so that they are available to all. For the time being it is part of my blueprint to do this work, which I do in joy and gratitude. 

 I welcome your questions, comments and testimonials. Please email me at:

Cynthia@ SeraphimLightEnergies .com

To register for the Seraphim Gaia Link Meditations or any class offered go to:

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