How the Seraphic Energies Work...

A Seraph is an Angel belonging to the highest order of Angels who are known as Seraphim. Until recently, the Seraphim have not been widely written about as their main work had focused on issues of the universe rather than humanity. Which is why the ArchAngels and Guardian Angels are more well known and recognized, their primary roles have been to assist humans.


 The Seraphim Angels are a collective consciousness that choose to now work with us in various aspects. When someone receives an initiation or attunement (similar to other types of energy modalities) you awaken dormant DNA that taps into your ability to integrate the Seraphim Energy to be used for healing and your spiritual development. The initiations of these energies support and enhance our energy fields in this monumental phase of change in the Universe. One of the wonderful aspects of these energies is that once you receive the initiations or attunements, you can activate them to run in the background for their specific purposes without having to go into a Zen or Om state, the activations only take a few minutes. Of course, if you use the Seraphic Energies during your meditation times and immerse your consciousness into the activations, you will feel the serene, calm sense that your energy system craves as a respite from the day to day chaos of today’s environments. Most of the Seraphic energies are designed to be used for yourself, but some can also be sent to others by Practitioners. The Seraphim energies keep your energy systems working properly and in alignment. The energy activations are used as you are intuitively guided, not on a specific schedule. In the SERAPH'S LOVE AND FAITH  course you receive attunements to Waves of Love. One Wave of Love is used for manifestation.  This powerful energy can be used to  manifest intentions that are in alignment with the Soul’s purpose. Activating with your intention the Wave of Love and Manifestation allows you stay in close alignment with Source by always entering this connection through the heart space.


Click on Energy Class Descriptions for a complete description of the courses and their purpose. If you are interested in integrating the energies of Seraphic Wisdom into your life, you do not need any prior training or knowledge of energy work. The only requirement would be to follow your guidance to see if this information or energy resonates with your heart. You do not have to use it for healing or teaching others, but may be guided to use the Seraphic energies to help Mother Earth. Each person has a unique purpose and can use these energies for their Divine purpose while on this Earth. You may use them in conjunction with other modalities that you practice now or in the future. You may even find that you are stepping into an attunement of energies that will catapult you into a new way of living.

                   Need a little background training before you begin?

I offer an Introductory Class that gives an overview and brief explanation of the energy fields, chakras, meridians, crystals and other concepts you may hear about during the Seraphic Wisdom classes.

                    Click here for a full Class Description or upcoming Schedule of Classes



Would you like to become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom?


You must first have taken the desired course to become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and have incorporated the energies into your daily life. The next step is to request a Confirmation to Become a Teacher questionnaire by completing the registration form and remitting the $50 deposit for the Teacher Training course. Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, confirmation is requested from the Seraph that this work is a part of your soul's purpose at this time.  Read more details on the class description page of contact Cynthia if interested.



Do you think you would like to get a “taste” of the energies to confirm your interest?


I periodically offer complimentary TeleConferences to introduce you to the feel or “taste” of the energy. Click on “Schedule of Classes” for these dates and times or take a look at the “News and Updates” column on the Home page of this website.


If your Heart is quickening, your body is vibrating, your scalp is buzzing or you just keep thinking about this information- You are ready to begin. Simply go to the “Schedule of Classes” link and find the time of the next class, free meditation gathering or Introductory Class that fits your schedule. After you register online and payment is received, you will be emailed the class location or teleconference phone number and the code to participate in the class. I primarily teach via teleconference call and the class segments area bout four hours. Details for class preparation will be emailed to you with the Course Notes when your registration is confirmed.

 How do Teleconference Classes work?

Taking the Seraphim energy classes and receiving the energy initiations via telephone is no different than doing them in person with the teacher. The only difference might be that you are in your own home, in your favorite comfortable chair and do not have to drive after class. This is an interactive class. You will get to ask questions, share your experiences and interact with other members of the class. You will be asked to call into a conference calling site using a code that is provided after your registration is confirmed. This is not a free calling number and long distance charges may apply depending on your provider program, providers such as Skype can be used. We will take a break during the class. Most importantly, when taking the classes relax and plan to have some fun. These Energies you will be receiving are Initiations not Meditations, so you just need to let it happen. If you have questions about the class, feel free to email me. This is a wonderful energy exchange and I want you to get the most from it and embrace every moment with enthusiasm, laughter and JOY!

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